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Welcome to my developer’s blog!

The draw of the sitting cat with laptop

Written by Alexandr Tihanov

February 21, 2022

Welcome to my developer’s blog! I am a web developer, with about 10 years of experience in web dev. Since 2016, I’ve specialized in working with Magento. Currently, I hold the position of the lead developer at one of the top companies in the Magento development area.

During my career as an eCommerce developer, I’ve faced a lot of challenges that made me accumulate a huge base of knowledge and expertise in different technologies related to eCommerce. Currently, I continue self-development, including exploring the cutting-edge solutions and technologies, that can be applied in web development (including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR/AR)).

I believe that my knowledge and development could be helpful and be an inspiration for others. That`s the idea of the blog. So, if you’re a developer, an enthusiast, or someone, interested in web development and eCommerce technologies, this blog is for you. Here, I’ll be sharing the ideas, experiences, and the latest trends in the industry that I’ve come across in my work. Welcome aboard!

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